I am a documentary photographer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. My works deal mostly with subjects and issues that involve the society and human relationships, focused on marginalized groups in East Africa that are often overlooked.

Since 2010, I have worked to document consequences of poverty and social discrimination for individuals. This includes the work “I’m still with you”, about the Memory Books in Uganda, written by HIV positive parents, which evolved in collaboration with NACWOLA (National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS). Since 2010, I have been documenting the influence of breakdance and Hip Hop for socially disadvantaged young people in Uganda. Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), a youth centered, grass roots organization, uses elements of Hip Hop culture to engage and unite young people and provide them with skills and confidence to become active, socially conscious individuals. In 2011, I documented individual stories of immigration on behalf of the Goethe Institut. Interviews and portraits were taken in Turkey, Morocco, Cameroon, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Thailand, and published in a book with the title “Im Kopf waren wir schon in Deutschland / In our minds, we were already in Germany“. In 2012, I was working on a documentary project , “ The Absence of Color”, about albinism in Uganda. In March 2014 I started the longterm project “Null and Void”, documenting the  impact of Ugandas Anti-Homosexuality Law, which was in force for only six months.
I aim to point to issues, that are rarely told, by illustrating individual stories through photography and text. My work is divided between commissioned assignments and self assigned photographic documentation.

Magazines & Online
Nido, missio magazin, emotion, GEOlino, stern.de

NGO & Corporate
WWF Germany, Ärzte der Welt (Médecins du Monde), UNICEF, Goethe Institut, Deutsche Bank



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