life in kamwokya

life in kamwokya

Seen from above, Kamwokya looks like a hotchpotch of small shacks with rusty roofs. But, there is little space in this slum of Ugandas capital Kampala. At one place the shacks reveal the view on a field of red soil. This is the place where Robert slips into another identity. Shoeless or with old slippers, every day after school, he changes into a football player of Arsenal. While behind him the red dust is raising, Robert dreams himself in a different world. The enthusiasm for football is closely linked with the desire for a better future.


robert_01 robert_02 robert_03 robert_04 robert_05 robert_06 robert_07 robert_08 robert_09 robert_10 robert_11 robert_12 robert_13 robert_14 robert_15 robert_16 robert_17 robert_18 robert_19 robert_20 robert_21 robert_22 robert_23

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